Excel Headings display

  DRiM 21:23 22 Apr 2003

I bet I am the only person in the world who doesn't know this, but ....

How do I make the top row and left hand column cells remain visible when I scroll the spreadsheet?

I know its possible cos I have seen somebody do it once.


  GroupFC 21:40 22 Apr 2003

Put the cursor on the first cell below and to the right of your row and column and go to the menu > window>freeze panes.


  pj123 22:12 22 Apr 2003

Just above the Scroll Up Arrow on the right hand side is a very small grey bar, hold your mouse on it and when you get the double headed arrow hold the left mouse button down and drag the bar down to the line below that which you need to keep on screen and let go. The same small grey bar is at the bottom right of the screen, drag that bar to the left to where you want it and let go.

  GroupFC 22:21 22 Apr 2003

I think that that splits the screen rather than "freezing" the column headers and row labels, which is what I thought DRiM, was trying to achieve.

  GroupFC 22:22 22 Apr 2003

I think that that splits the screen rather than "freezing" the column headers and row labels, which is what I thought DRiM, was trying to achieve.

  GroupFC 22:22 22 Apr 2003

Sorry, my first double post!!

  pj123 22:27 22 Apr 2003

No, I use them all the time. Try it yourself.

  GroupFC 22:39 22 Apr 2003

We are in danger of hijacking DRiM's post but......

When I do that I get what I would call a split screen so that if I just do it by columns I get a bar down the screen and columns ABC etc in both halves. Data I type in say the left half say cell d2 appears in the corresponding cell on the right half of the cell, or have I totally misunderstood what you are doing?

  pj123 23:09 22 Apr 2003

Yes, I think we are in danger of hijacking DRiM's post, but hopefully he/she is watching and learning.

I wouldn't go so far as saying you are totally misunderstanding but something is wrong somewhere cos it works perfectly for me.

Column A should stay on screen but when you scroll right all other columns should go "behind" column A.

I can make up a test Excel file and email it to you if you are happy with that??

  GroupFC 23:27 22 Apr 2003

I'm getting k.......d now and the wife's moaning about the amount of time I spend on that "b....y machine". If you want to mail me an excel test file please be my guest and I'll pick it up in the morning and have a look see.

By the way I don't suppose what we're talking about is any different depending on the version of excel (I'm using 97)?

Anyway I'm off to my bed now, see where we're at in the morning.

Night, night.

  fitshase 00:25 23 Apr 2003

I would agree with GroupFC and use the Freeze Panes option.

pj123 - by using your option it merely creates an additional window (try clicking and dragging the bar down to cell 14 and then type some figures into rows 4,5,6,7 etc., and you will be seeing double.

Also, DRiM wants to be able to see the first row and column while scrolling around the sheet. Dragging the window bar down does not allow you to keep the first column in view.

I use the freeze panes options all of the time because I use huge spreadsheets at work and need to view the headings at all time.

Anyway, DRiM is benefitting from some good advice and has some options to try to see which one works best for him.



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