Excel - Header and footer conundrum

  Mike D 13:00 10 Jan 2005

Is it possible to change the font colour in the Header and Footer in an Excel spreadsheet? I can see options to change the font style, size, embolden, italicise etc., but no mention of font colour.

One of my students has posed this question, so my credibiity hangs on this (not!).


  Molded 13:09 10 Jan 2005

I am using Office 2003 and the answer unfortunately is no!

  stlucia 13:39 10 Jan 2005

But you can use an image as a header, so maybe you can create your required text in Paint, save it as an image, and then use it as the header?

  Durko 14:25 10 Jan 2005

You could try the MrExcel.com website and do a search on the message board.

  Fellsider 14:25 10 Jan 2005

Another alternative would be to put the coloured header on the first (or last) row, either as coloured text or using the draw facility and adjusting the row height as necessary.

Next leave enough space as required before the details of the spreadsheet(checking the layout in preview).

Finally, Before printing, reduce the top (or bottom) margin to 0.5cm and print.

I dare say some printers may not accept the margin at 0.5cm but mine (Lexmark) didn't object.

  Mike D 15:08 10 Jan 2005

Thanks folks. I know it's not really resolved yet, but I will try the Mr Excel site or, failing that the excellent suggestions that you have made.


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