Excel has gone grey !!!

  Dirk Diggler 12:56 16 Nov 2004

Bit of a query from a work colleague if I may. We have a number of Shard Folders that different users can access. In one is an excel program which is working fine for all users except one. On opening the file the whole sheet is gray (similar to when excel is open but with no actual file open), you cannot select any cells etc. I have checked that no Rows / Columns etc are hidden and have tried all the possible views. However, when I select Print Preview the whole sheets is there for all to see.

Any advice please on what it could be before I go even madder


  PA28 13:05 16 Nov 2004

Bit like my hair! Is the sheet containing hidden or protected cells for some reason?

  Dirk Diggler 13:16 16 Nov 2004

Thanks anyway

  Stuartli 17:32 16 Nov 2004

You must have one of the older versions.....:-)

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