Excel Formula to Word Formula

  4damk 09:35 10 Jun 2016

I have created a formula in Excel that works fine, but when I put it into a MS Word table, it doesn't seem to work. The formula adds up a column of prices when the resulting column has a specific word in.

The formula is:

=SUMIF(E:E, "Yes", D:D)


Is this possible to do? If so can anyone help converting this so it will work in MS Word.

Thanks, Adam.

  wee eddie 14:35 10 Jun 2016

Depends on which version of Word that you are using but Word can do simple calculations

  lotvic 14:52 10 Jun 2016

For Office 2007: In Word click on Insert tab > click on the down triangle for dropdown menu under Table > click on Excel Spreadsheet.

Now enter your data and it will do the calculations as expected. (I've just done it so I know it works ok)

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