Excel Formula Reference Guide

  Qdiddy 10:07 03 Dec 2004

Can anyone recommend a really good reference guide to intermediate or advanced Excel formulas (or is it formulae?)

I know there are probably a lot of good websites along with the learned users of this forum, but I could do with a book to refer to at work from time to time.

OK. Website recommendations are welcome also.

Many thanks.

  recap 10:30 03 Dec 2004

click here Amazon have a selection of Excel books to choose from.

  Qdiddy 11:27 03 Dec 2004

Thanks Recap.

I've been looking on Amazon, but there are quite a few, so hoping someone might have experience with some and would recommend.

  Tog_ 11:48 03 Dec 2004

Hang on, there is one on the web, downloadable, free and very plain English. I'll get back to you.

  Tog_ 11:55 03 Dec 2004

Found the link but the website is no longer available, ho hum.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:56 03 Dec 2004

These guys

G are excellent and clear......click here

  Qdiddy 12:13 03 Dec 2004


You were thinking of click here were you?

It sounds good, but then again it also sounds like a bit of overhyped marketing. Does anyone out there have a copy?

  Tog_ 15:34 03 Dec 2004

There was a link on the Excel MVP site, but it has gone and to rub it in, the link to the Function Dictionary has stopped working. Aargh!

  Simsy 15:40 03 Dec 2004

made by some called, (if I remember correctly), Peter Nonely...

A Google search may reveal it's whereabouts.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 03 Dec 2004

Microsoft Excel Dictioary (pdf) click here

  Simsy 15:49 03 Dec 2004

Peter Noneley

It's an excel file that demonstates almost of he built in formulae.

It seems though, that all references to it point to his home site... which appears to no longer exist. (I keep getting a "Page cannot be found")

I did have it, and I'm sure I still do somewhere.. but I'm not at home soa can't confirm that!

Keep looking.. I'm sure it will be avauilable somewhere.



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