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  gordy70 09:39 11 Mar 2004

Can anyone help with a formula I am trying to work out in windows.
I want to take the value from one cell and show it in another, however only if the value is between 100 and 145.
If it is less than 100 then I want to ignore it, if it is more than 145 then I want to show 145, if it is in between then I want to show the true value.

  Simsy 10:12 11 Mar 2004

to look at is A1...

enter the following in the cell you want to display the result in;




  GroupFC 10:18 11 Mar 2004

I was just having a look at this but you beat me to it!

  Simsy 10:23 11 Mar 2004

This formula is a "nested if"

The basic structure of an "if" formula is;


Either the RESULTIFTRUE or the RESULTIFFALSE may also be an "if"

The TESTCONDITION must be some sort of test that results in a TRUE or FALSE answer...

The formula I have suggested, in words, says the following;

If A1 is greater than or equal to 145,(the test), make the value here 145(the value if true), otherwise(and here is the value if false) use another "if" test which is "if the value of A1 is greater than or equal to 100(the test),make the value here the same as A1(the value if true),otherwise make the value here nothing(value if false).

Also, bear in mind you may get some unexpected results if the contents of cell A! is not a number, eg text or someother type of data.

I hope this helps,



  Simsy 10:25 11 Mar 2004

I beat VoG to an Excel problem!



  gordy70 11:01 11 Mar 2004

Thanks Simsy.

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