Excel Formula problem

  tims31 20:34 10 Feb 2006

I ma quite new to using Excel and am trying to make up a sheet to add up sales. The error I am getting in the sheet is when I try to subtract one cell from another, where the result should be I just get the error code #VALUE! the Formula I have put is "=sum(A5-A4)"

I have tried various different things but just can't seem to work it out?

Any help would be much appreciated

  VoG II 20:37 10 Feb 2006

Firstly, you don't need to use SUM - just use


However, I suspect that is not the cause of the error .

1) You should not include " in your formula.

2) Are the values in A5 and A4 both numeric?

  Samph 20:46 10 Feb 2006

Go to the cell where you want your answer to be and type =sum(

then highlight the cells you want to add up (youll get a blue border as the highlight not shading)- highlightings quicker than typing cell refs sometimes)

then type )

then press return

hey presto!

Hope this helps chuck

  keith-236785 21:14 10 Feb 2006

the #VALUE or ##### in a cell can also be caused by the cell not being wide enough for the data to be displayed.

doubt it is the cause but worth trying, just expand the column width a little, making a note of the size b4 you do so you can put it back if it makes no difference.

i normally enter in the total cell

= then click on the first cell to be added/subtracted/multiplied/divided and then put in the arguement +-*/ and then click on the second cell to be used. this creates a formula for you.

example =B5+B9 values in B5 & B9 would be added and the result in the cell containing the formula.

good luck

  Beas-Knees 21:26 10 Feb 2006

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  Beas-Knees 21:29 10 Feb 2006

sorry tims31 had a busy day, starting my own thread now

  tims31 21:38 10 Feb 2006

Hi VoG™

I only put the " to show the formula without trying to confuse with other letters...just made it more confusing!

Yes both cells are numeric. Not sure if this is becuase i have no data in them at the moment. All the other cells are ok though with * + and /.

  VoG II 21:40 10 Feb 2006

Try this:


  tims31 22:46 10 Feb 2006

Thanks VoG™, that seems to have cured it. I understand that, because there is no data in there it causes an error and the iserror before with the "" just means it doesn't show anything in that cell.

Thanks again

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