Excel Formula needed for open column

  wee eddie 00:04 05 Aug 2014

I am trying to write a Formula, to go in the Frozen Title Bar, for the Sum of the Column below it, which is constantly growing.

For example: The Column currently runs from C3 to C46, so the Formula reads =Sum(C3:C46)

However, tomorrow I will add an unknown number of items so the Formula will now need to read =Sum(C3:C??) where '??' is an unknown and changes on a daily basis.

What symbol do I put into the Formula, in place of the ??, to achieve this throughout the year.

  hastelloy 08:18 05 Aug 2014

I would have a total (say =C3:C54) in cell C55. Then your frozen cell would be =C55.

As you add rows your total in C55 would increase to accommodate the extra rows and your frozen cell formula will change as well.

  wee eddie 09:23 05 Aug 2014

Marvin: Sorry, I must have explained badly.

The Total needs to be at the Top of the Column and the Column grows longer every the day, as more items are added. So although there is a bottom, it is constantly extending.

  wee eddie 11:59 05 Aug 2014

Thank you, it works.

Although I'm sure that there is some form of Symbol one can enter

  compumac 21:38 05 Aug 2014

I have a number of spreadsheets with a total figure in the frozen title bar adding the contents of the cells below. The cells below change and more cells are added. I have simply set the range from the first cell to a numbered line well below what I might expect to use, as per Woolwell's post.

  hastelloy 09:11 06 Aug 2014

wee eddie

You explanation was fine - perhaps I didn't explain very well as my solution works. However, compumac's solution will work just as well

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