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  Gary B. 09:33 16 May 2007

Greetings to all,

I feel a bit rude joining up and requesting help immeadiately without having anything to offer but I hope to be able to offer up input at a later date.....

My problem has caused untold amounts of hair pulling and cussing at my computer screen and as you can tell by my being here pleading for help , abject failure!

I will outline my requirements and have my fingers crossed somebody can offer a solution.

I have a multi columned excel spreadsheet that I envisage growing substantially in the next 6 months. The Data/Sort function and Subtotals are sufficient at present but as volume increases I need to lower actual analysis time.

I am trying to set up a "cockpit" that will read from the spreadsheet page when I specify certain parameters to it.

Heres the eg....

The list covers columns A-N and carries alpha and numerical info. I list a "job number" in column "C".
I want to be able to list a specfic job number in the cockpit and excel to list all relevant information thru columns A-N onto the cockpit page beneath the input code. Take into account some jobs are multi lined hence the formula needs to understand it is reading the whole page/list to discover the necessary info.

My best attempt was =IF(Sheet2!C2:C280=Cockpit!B20,+Sheet2!A2:N2,0) in the vain attempt to at least list one line.....i guess i've missed something....

I throw myself at the mercy of strangers and hope somebody can

A/ Decipher my above gibberings
B/ Provide a solution.

Kind Regards to you all.

Gary B.

  VoG II 09:39 16 May 2007

To get a single line you should be able to use VLOOKUP - there is a tutorial click here

If you want to return information from multiple rows, I think that you may need a VBA (macro) solution, unless somebody knows differently.

  Gary B. 10:59 16 May 2007

It seems I do....VLOOKUP only gives me one row of info at a time.....

At least it discards one route of thought...thanx

Im guessing VBA is quite a specialist thing that requires a programmer.....

It surprises me that its not simpler but hey ho..

Would I be foolish to hope a VBA expert resides in these here cyber halls ?

  VoG II 11:35 16 May 2007

Let's try a formula-based approach for now...

Could you adapt something like this click here

  Gary B. 11:47 16 May 2007

sweet lord thats just scary....lol

thanx man .... I will attempt to decipher whats there....

  Gary B. 11:53 16 May 2007

also posted the problem on that site... maybe there is an easier answer.eh ?

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