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  steves100 14:14 08 Jan 2006

Please can anyone help with excel formulas say I have this formula
but I need the formula to only apply to one or two columns in the same row say A1 and C1 need to return the number *8 but columns B1 and D1 need to return the number *4
and then the results added together as one answer 8+4+8+4=24 Can the be written in one formula?

  VoG II 14:20 08 Jan 2006


  steves100 14:45 08 Jan 2006

Thanks VoG
Its So Simple when you know how been pulling my hair out for the last hour or so did not think of adding (=)
Thanks Again

  VoG II 14:52 08 Jan 2006

because the formula =(A1="M") will return TRUE or FALSE. However, internally Excel stores these as 1 and 0 respectively. By using the multiplication, you are forcing Excel to produce a numeric result. This is called coercion.

In this case you wanted to do a multiplication anyway. But if you just wanted to display the results of (A1="M") as a number then the ways of doing it (in decreasing order of computational efficiency) are




The most common use of coercion is when using the SUMPRODUCT function.

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