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  Abel 11:51 15 Aug 2008

The following formula
=IF(ISBLANK(C31),"",D30+C31) is in cell D31.
Also, cell E31 contains the following formula
Despite the =IF(D31="","",etc.,), I've tried ISBLANK too, in cell E31, a value of 0.00 is returned. If I’ve expressed myself adequately, could someone please explain why cell E31 isn’t blank?


  Simsy 13:09 15 Aug 2008

You've possibly got the brackets in the wring place, depending on what the formula is trying to do, or the logic is unsound...

Are you getting a "VALUE" error?

I think whats happening is that you are trying to multiply "", (ie an empty string, which is not the same as nothing), by a number.

If you make the formula in D31;
does it work?



  Simsy 13:11 15 Aug 2008

what you've written. Though what I've said still holds, you're getting a value of 0 which is not what I'd expect.

In case it makes a difference, what version of Excel is it?



  Simsy 13:22 15 Aug 2008

Because D31 contains a formula, (i.e. D31 doesn't contain ""), then the formula in E31 that says;

=IF(D31="", will never evaluate to true.

How about;

=IF(Value(D31)=0,"",.... in E31

combined with the changes to 0 instead of "" in the D31 cell.



  Picklefactory 13:23 15 Aug 2008

Problem is that if D31 = "" then formula is trying to do "" x 23 as the *23 is outside the IF statement.

  Picklefactory 13:24 15 Aug 2008


  Abel 13:39 15 Aug 2008

Thanks Picklefactory, you've solved the problem for me. Thanks for your contribution too, Simsy,


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