EXCEL formatting (Time=hours & minutes)

  Furkin 07:56 12 Aug 2007

Hi guys,
I have taken up flying & am keeping a log of training hours.
I can't fathom out how to convert numbers to 'Hours & minutes'.
I was trying basic addition (SUM) by inputting numbers like: 1.05 hours/minutes + 0.55 + 1.00, which of course won't work with basic sum. I tried inputting them as minutes instead like: 65 + 55 + 60 (tho' I would prefer to use hours/minutes) then divide by 60,,,, but this gives a fraction of an hour instead of the minutes (ie: a sum of 7 hours & 5 mins comes out as 7.08)
Is there a way that I can convert numbers to hours & minutes please ?

  daba 09:39 12 Aug 2007

Give your cells a "Time" format.

Then enter times with a colon, e.g. 1:55 (1 hour, 55 minutes).

When you do you =SUM(), remember to use a custom format of [h]:mm to allow the hours sum to exceed 24.


  Furkin 10:17 12 Aug 2007

Thanks DABA:
In Col A I have input:
then if I highlight col A down to say 20 & click AutoSum (my usual method of adding !) it comes up as 0000:00 !
Where have I gone wrong please ?

  VoG II 10:20 12 Aug 2007

I've entered your values in column a and entered the formula


which gives the correct answer of 4:00:00

  daba 10:22 12 Aug 2007

Or you could try a free flight logger such as

click here

  daba 10:26 12 Aug 2007

have you clicked autosum, selected column A, then just accepted the error box about circular references (strangely it only gives the warning once, when you first enter it.)

  Furkin 10:39 12 Aug 2007

Thanks guys,
it seems that my lazy way of clicking AutoSum dosn't work !

As you both point out, as long as I put: =sum(?) at the appropriate cell it works.

DABA: Have downloaded Log prog,,,, so will play with it later.

thanks again

  daba 11:00 12 Aug 2007

good luck with your PPL

I know 4 people who have successfully negotiated the rigorous training

for my part I stay on the ground with MS Flight Sim, and from what I can see, the actual flying is the easier part, the theory, instrumentation, and navigation looks to be far harder !

  Furkin 19:11 12 Aug 2007

thanks daba,
Just done my 14th hour, so am still finding my feet.
Had a quick look at the flight logger, but can't seem to add 00:50 mins (or anything other than fractions of an hour) !
also, a number of inputs return to '0' after my putting numbers in !
Do you use this item at all,,,,, or stick to sims ?
I might even look at a simple sim,,,,, might help eh ?

  daba 00:22 13 Aug 2007

No I don't use the logger, I just found it in response to your post. I'm not that much into Sim, I just enjoy the virtual realism, following ATC orders and getting the hardware to terra firma without breaking it etc.

I've now downloaded and installed the logger, and might get a chance to play with it although working away this week. I can't believe it's limited to input by fractions of hours instead of real "time" units - is it a configuration option perhaps?

Also there may be others you can google for, try variations of the search criteria :- "pilot log", "PPL Log", "flight log", etc.

good luck.

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