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Excel - Find String with wildcards

  powerless 19:33 15 Sep 2010

In excel I can use Find() to find text in a cell, but it requires that I supply it with what I'm looking for.

The problem is that I'm looking for a 7 digit number that will will start with 21 or 61. The other 5 digits will be whatever they are.

Can excel find a 7 digit number that begins with 21 or 61 in a cell?

For example:

A1: EEE/12345 FF: 2144288 - (Should find: 2144288)
A2: UUU- 67890 - TT: 6152989 - (Should find: 6152989)
A3: TT: 6156759 YYY/LLL - (Should find: 6156759)

  Noldi 19:51 15 Sep 2010

If you are using the find (Ctrl + F) then just put 16* or 21* that will find any number starting 16 or 21.


  Noldi 20:01 15 Sep 2010

Sorry did read the question correctly. will look again. I think you can add the * to allow anything that follows the number you enter.


  powerless 20:52 20 Sep 2010

Thanks VoG, that worked.

Noldi - I ain't Ctrl - F it all ;)

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