Excel Filter

  steven_frost 16:09 16 Mar 2005

can anyone tell me how i can create a filter for excel. i have 11 coloums which i need to be able till filter so that a user can can see say just infromation n a contract on a said street any one have any clues

  Yoda Knight 16:22 16 Mar 2005

u know any VB ?

  Noldi 16:26 16 Mar 2005

Data (Right from Extras drop down menu)then chose filter and then auto filter. but before you set a filter selct the cells you want to filter, if you want to filter all active cells click the top left hand cell then hold down Ctrl+shift and press end that will select all active cells.

Hope this helps

  recap 16:27 16 Mar 2005

My novice advice would be to use the Advanced Filter option from the Data Menu or edit it in Access and import it back to Excel.

VoG would be one of the one's to answer this question for you.

  recap 16:29 16 Mar 2005

A quicker way of Noldi approach is to click in any cell within the data range you want hold Ctrl down and press * This will highlight all cells.

  Noldi 16:34 16 Mar 2005

Even ive learnt somthing today

  steven_frost 20:33 16 Mar 2005

thanks guys it some thing from work that a user has asked about

  VoG II 20:46 16 Mar 2005

Are you sorted now or do you need further advice?

  steven_frost 12:36 17 Mar 2005

need futher advice sorry

  VoG II 12:42 17 Mar 2005

click here should help you.

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