Excel file saved as webpage into template

  Micklemass 09:35 29 Apr 2004

Previous posting not showing response's and wanted to explain the NO on the last one was only the first word of my reply.

Wondered if it is possible, after saving excel file as a web page to include this on a different page(I use a template for all pages)or how do I include titles and menu from the template. If I copy and paste the league table I lose all the formatting of the file and would like to include it as an interactive file.

Working on FM suggestion

  tbh72 09:55 29 Apr 2004

On your existing webpage template place a table where you want the Excel information to be.

Make the table an inline frame, using the excel file the page that resides in the newly created frame.

  Micklemass 10:56 29 Apr 2004

Table ok but how do I place an inline frame? Am using Dreamweaver 4 which doesn't seem to mention it. Would I be best without Dreamweaver?

  Micklemass 11:35 29 Apr 2004

Finally got there by copying and pasting code as suggested. It's a solution but with a weekly update of the table and possibly others as well might find it time consuming. On the positive side it's a start.

  Micklemass 18:50 03 May 2004

Found out about In Line Frames in my son's HTML 4 for Dummies (very apt at times). Have added the test page for now at click here Final table might have fewer names to cater for which should make it quicker to load. Plus appropriate heading.

Thanks to TBH72 not forgetting Fourm Member

  Micklemass 10:24 04 May 2004

Strange as I have just checked in IE and Firefox and all is OK and our secretary found it OK. Also checked other resolution. Anyone else with same problem as FM please?. Have updated click here just now (with different colours)


  Taran 11:02 04 May 2004

I get scrollbars in both directions for your iframe content.

Part of the problem is you've got a main table set at 90% page width but the cell containing the iframe is set to fixed width and height of 1003 pixels wide by 224 pixels high, yet the iframe itself has no fixeed width value, but has its details set to height="600" width="99%".

Conflicting istructions in there, and no mistake.

A table value of 90% means it will collapse and expand to 90% of the available screen width, depending on resolution.

But you've set a fixed width cell inside that table which exceeds the table percentage value on anything less than a 17 inch monitor, and then your iframe is taller than the cell it is in, and is set to 99% of a 1003 pixel wide cell inside a 90% width table.

Confused ?


So was I when I read the code.

You can specify iframe height, width, scrollbars (yes, no, auto) and all kinds of other things, but it's a bit odd putting a large object inside a smaller object which is, in turn, inside an even smaller object.

Square peg - round hole.

I've got sore head just thinking about it.

Make your source page for the iframe slightly smaller, adjust your table and its cell(s) so that the content is not trying to be larger than the table that contains it, and put a bit more control over your iframe dimesions.

Your iframe source page, by the way, has a load of unused table rows and cells at the top and bottom of the page.

Above where it says "L.P.S.C.A. Saturday Training League" you could get rid of a hude block of code and below the last row of figures you could ditch a similar block.

Be careful though, since some of the code denotes the parent table width and other parameters. I only wanted to demostrate that your page has a ton of stuff going on that doesn't need to be there and results in empty space on the page. This obviously affects page scrolling within the iframe and without.

I'm not sure if that helped or just made things a bit darker for you.

  Micklemass 13:10 04 May 2004

Have printed your comments out Taran so I can go through them properly. Hopefully will learn and get it right.

Thanks again
Be back eventually

  Micklemass 16:23 04 May 2004

Think I might have made it better but not sure. click here As mentioned might be able to reduce the number of players but as long as it displays the full table even if by scrolling for the present.

Still trying to understand previous help but my 'genius' son is back soon so should give him a laugh what I have tried to do.

  tbh72 18:22 04 May 2004

Nice, I like that!! Well Done!!

  Taran 21:07 04 May 2004

Much, much better.

I've checked it in 800x600 and 1024x768.

You get horizontal scrollbars in the iframe on 800x600 but it displays just fine at 1024x768.

You'll get more visitors to your site, generally speaking, at higher resolutions now than at the old 800x600 screen settings so don't worry about it.

Well done. A very big improvement.

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