Excel - Extracting data from one Worksheet and pop

  oo7juk 10:49 20 Mar 2017

Extracting data from one Worksheet and populating to another using same value from both


I have 2 spread sheets which have a primary value, linking (not a formula) both sheets together "account number".

Spread sheet A has the following columns:

account number, account name, postal name, address 1, address 2, address 3, address 4, postal code and account balance.

Spread sheet B has the following columns:

account number, account name and account balance.

I would like to populate spread sheet B with the following columns (contents) from spread sheet A:

postal name, address 1, address 2, address 3, address 4 and postal code.

This document will be getting used as a source for a mail merge job, thanks.

At the moment I have both sheets open and I'm using find and replace and copying from spread sheet A to spread sheet B, unfortunately there is nearly 2000 records, thanks.

  Archonar 14:48 20 Mar 2017

If you want do do what I think you want then you can do this. Note: I would recommend that you do this one column / row at a time, and if the values in A are a column of 100 cells then you must be copying it to a column of 100 cells in sheet B

  1. Highlight the cells in sheet B that you want to fill (e.g. all of the postal addresses)
  2. In the bar at the top type "=" (without "") then open sheet A and select all the cells that you want to copy across from (eg enough cells to contain all of the cells in sheet A postal address) It should look something like "=sheetA!B1:B100" (without "" and where sheetA is the name of the sheet that you are copying the data from.)
  3. Press ctrl+shift+enter to complete the formula
  4. The cells in sheet B that you highlighted in step 1 should now contain the values from sheet A, any changes you make to A will be reflected in sheet B but not the other way around. I.e any changes you make to B will not be reflected in A.
  wee eddie 14:53 20 Mar 2017

Just a thought: If you do this on Copies of both Spread Sheets.

If, perchance, anything goes wrong. You haven't screwed up the originals

  Archonar 15:36 20 Mar 2017

Good suggestion from Wee Eddie, Add a step 0: save an original copy of the file in case anything goes wrong!

  oo7juk 22:08 20 Mar 2017


Thanks for the response, unfortunately that's not what I mean though.

Both spread sheets are not identical. Spread sheet A does contain the contents of sheet B but not in the same rows.


  Archonar 11:12 21 Mar 2017

They don't have to be in exactly the same column, they just both have to be a column of the same size. You can't, however, do it with data that is scattered around each of the sheets without setting it up cell by cell.

  wee eddie 11:51 21 Mar 2017

Q1. Are both Spread Sheets in the same Workbook?

Q2. Is it whole Columns or individual Cells that you want to link?

Possible Solution ~ Copy and Paste both Spreadsheets into the same Workbook and "Link" the relevant Cells or Columns

  oo7juk 12:15 21 Mar 2017


Thanks for replies. I think VLOOKUP would be the best option, I'm getting results, bit not the ones I want. I'll try and explain a bit better.

Sheet 3 of the workbook range a2:a:2927 contains the value I want to look up, it also contains the correct balances. I've also added 6 extra columns, populated as Postal Name, Address1, etc. As I want to populate these cells.

Sheet 1 of the workbook, contains the account numbers too, it also contains the correct Postal Names, Address1, etc that I require for sheet 3.


In cell c8 of sheet 3 I have inserted the following formula: =VLOOKUP('All Inc Closed'!A2:A2927,'All Inc Closed'!A2:H2927,3,FALSE) "All Inc Closed" is sheet 1.

When I enter the formula, the result I get is the contents of sheet 1, cell C8, but this has a different account number.

My expected result should have been cell C1583, as this is the same account number.


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