Excel Expert Needed

  Sibbo 11:48 06 Jun 2006

I have a 2 page spreadsheet. The first page called Debits, contains the cost of items that I have bought on ebay. The second page, called Credits, contains the costs of items that I have sold on ebay. On the second page I have a cell that calculates my overall balance (outgoings minus the credits). I would like to know if there is a formula that I can enter into this cell that would show the result in the colour red, if I've spent more than I've gained, and black if the opposite is true. At present, I manually chage the colour of the text. Can it be done? Thanks in advance.

  Jackcoms 11:52 06 Jun 2006

Highlight the cell and then go to Format; Cells.

Under Category, choose Currency.

You will see that there are options in red to choose from if the result of the cell is a negative figure.

  Jackcoms 11:54 06 Jun 2006

P.S. I'm not an "Excel Expert" - but my suggestion should answer your question. ;-)

  Sibbo 12:00 06 Jun 2006

Thanks for the reply mate, tried it but it didn't work don't know why (obviously)

  Jackcoms 12:03 06 Jun 2006

Is the cell actually a negative at the moment?

That is, have you spent more than you've earned?

  Sibbo 12:07 06 Jun 2006

Yes, it's definitely a negative! lol

  VoG II 12:10 06 Jun 2006

Jackom's suggestion should work.

The alternative is to select the cell, Format > Conditional Formatting. The left box should say 'Cell value is'; in the next box choose 'Less than' and in the third box enter 0. Click the Format button, change the colour to red and then OK your way out.

  Monoux 12:12 06 Jun 2006

I know this may sound silly but you did click on the option Format/Cells Number then on the example in red with a minus sign next to it ?

  Sibbo 12:14 06 Jun 2006

Thanks, that's changed it to red. Now to try and make some money to see if it turns to black. Thanks again.

  Monoux 12:14 06 Jun 2006

Vog -- Where were you today ? Five replies and nearly twenty minutes B4 you came on the scene
You're slipping :0)

  Sibbo 12:18 06 Jun 2006

OOPS! Trouble. I've just put a dummy figure in to see if it would change. It did, the whole cell was filled with red, and no number!!

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