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Excel - Delimited Text File

  mgmcc 13:12 20 May 2010

I have a list of names separated by semi-colons, which I can save in Word as plain text and then import into Excel as a "semi-colon delimited text file".

My problem is that, in Excel, the data goes into a single *row* of cells whereas I want it to be in a single *column* and can find no way of selecting which way the delimited text file is imported.

I'm sure VoG™ will know the answer. ;)

  Simsy 13:34 20 May 2010

Copy the row
Paste Special and use "Transform"

This turns rows into cols and vice versa.

Hope this helps,



  mgmcc 13:58 20 May 2010

Many thanks, that's done the trick!

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