Excel Dates

  brambles 21:11 18 Nov 2005

Eldest daughter driving me mad.

At business she is working on a database in Excel.

She tries to shorten the DOB entry as for example
23/11/29 for someone born in 1929 but it comes out as 23/11/2029 yet when she enters 23/11/31 it comes out as she wants it as 23/11/1931. Is there something we need to format in Cells/Date?


  v1asco 21:18 18 Nov 2005

and have the same problem! Using excell 2000 and my cells are formatted correctly. Very strange, however there are lots of very helpful people on this site and here's hoping.


  brambles 17:58 19 Nov 2005

Thank you bugle + VoG™ I'll pass the information on


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