Excel-changing value to 'time'

  graham√ 11:12 19 Jun 2003

My 'light on' chart created yesterday, thanks to Vog TM, is looking good. I am now trying to change the time from a decimal, ie. 9:20 shows as 9.2, to the time 9:20. When I change the format of column B to time, the value of 9.2 changes to 4:48, which I assume is a calculation of 9.2! If I then change 4:48 to 9:20, the chart goes all to pot. All this is probably irrelevent as there is an easy way to change the format!

  graham√ 11:40 19 Jun 2003

Thanks as always, give me a minute to have a go!

  graham√ 12:10 19 Jun 2003

I've done that, but the chart now just shows hours from 0 to 10, no good for the small changes involved. Sorry to be a nuisance, I know it's difficult without hands on.

  graham√ 12:42 19 Jun 2003

Done that, but it's reverted to decimal, if I change it back to time I get 4:48 again! Mrsthokomatshe wants me to help her and her three (3) children as well!

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