Excel cells not retaining formulae

  Cuthbertkat 13:36 10 Aug 2004

I have several excel files saved to a floppy disc.
Recently I have had to put the formulae in every time I open the files as it does not seem to save and carry forward. Advice please.

  cherria 15:12 10 Aug 2004

Are you sure they are saving as excel files, i.e. with a .xls ending.

If you are inadvertantly saving them as text files i.e with a .csv ending, they may look like excel files, with an excel icon but when saved, the formulas will convert to text and you will lose the formulas.

open one, click file save-as and make sure the file type reads excel workbook

  Cuthbertkat 11:08 11 Aug 2004

Yes they are saving as xls.

  Simsy 11:25 11 Aug 2004

Are you saving them directly onto the disc as Excel files, or are you "zipping" them and saving the zip files to floppy?

If the letter then when you "open" them you may be opening a version of the file that has been extracted to a temp folder. Unless you resave this into the zip/archive file I would expect the symptons you are experiencing.

If no zipping is involved then I'm at a loss. It sounds as if it's a "saving" problem, but I'm afraid I have no answer!

good luck,



  VoG II 11:32 11 Aug 2004

Do you mean that the formula cells are blank or that the formulas are replaced with the calculated values?

Does the same thing happen if you save them to your hard drive?

  Cuthbertkat 12:29 11 Aug 2004

Dear Vog

Firstly the files are not zipped as Simsy suggested.

The cells are not blank, the previous amounts are still there from the week before. If you click on the formulated cell the formula shows in the edit formula bar, but the formulas no longer work. They don't add, subtract, mutiply etc and each week I have to re-formulate and the following time I open the file they don't work again. Can this have anything to do with the fact that the disc is near to capacity? Should I copy and paste them elsewhere? I'm getting really frustrated as they add time to my work.

  Cuthbertkat 12:40 11 Aug 2004

Just tried saving to hard disc, put in formula again, saved it. Came out of file and when I went back in that wasn't working either.

  VoG II 12:47 11 Aug 2004

Go into Tools/Options, Calculation tab and check that calculation is set to Automatic.

  Cuthbertkat 14:40 11 Aug 2004

Thanks VoG Shall try that. I didn't even know there were settings for calculation. I have been using excel on PC's and also Macs for several years and never before has this happened. Appreciate your help.

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