Excel Cell Formatting for Text

  Abel 12:08 24 Jul 2008

Is it possible to get ‘carriage return’ in a wrapped text cell of Microsoft Excel? I don’t know if carriage return is the correct expression, but what I would like to achieve is something like this:

Joe Bloggs,
15, Nowhere Street,


  Covergirl 12:18 24 Jul 2008

. . . at the appropriate points

  jaraba 12:20 24 Jul 2008

To get a carriage return in a cell hold dowen the "alt" key & press the "enter" key.

Alternatively you could just set the cell to "wrap the Text".
Format/cells/alignment & check the "wrap text" box but this would require you to adjust the width of the column to the appropriate width.

  Covergirl 12:24 24 Jul 2008

. . . and position of spaces.

Alt + enter is the correct solution.

  jaraba 12:30 24 Jul 2008

Thank you Covergirl.
I stand corrected.

  Abel 12:42 24 Jul 2008

Thanks Covergirl, it's easy when you know how, but getting to know how is quite difficult.


  Covergirl 12:46 24 Jul 2008

clue was in the original post - "in a wrapped text cell"

20 years experience goes a long way but I still don't know everything !! Wish I did !!

(obviously Excel wasn't around 20 years ago before someone tells me - started on Lotus 123 and AsEasyAs if anyone remembers them !)

  jaraba 13:32 24 Jul 2008

Yes I started on AsEasyAs on dos

  Simsy 16:37 24 Jul 2008

of doing it, is to have write your text elsewhere, eg Notepad, and then copy the text.

Select the cell you want it to go into and then paste the text into the FORMULA BAR, not into the cell.



  shellship 18:07 24 Jul 2008

I too cut my teeth on Lotus 123 and in fact used another SS on a Commodore before that but I have never known how to put a carriage return into an Excel cell. Thanks v much - learning something new every day!

  VoG II 18:14 24 Jul 2008

Well there's more ways to do things in Excel than to skin a cat. An alternative


where A1 to A4 house the elements of the address and the recipient cell is formatted to wrap text :o)

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