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  michiyo 16:42 17 Jun 2004

My ISP is Aol. I have downloaded the file into Notepad, opened ok but I need to put into a spreadsheet to give it some order. I don't have Ecel just the Works Spreadsheet.Any ideas ?

  pj123 19:19 17 Jun 2004

Well as Works can't read Excel spreadsheets, I think your best bet (and easiest way out) is to get the person who sent it to you to save the file as a .wks file (or at a push a .csv file) and send it to you again.

  VoG II 19:22 17 Jun 2004

Or if you only want to view the attachment there is a free viewer click here

  Simsy 19:27 17 Jun 2004

that if you tried to open an excel ssheet in the works ssheet it would tryand do so, but only open a single sheet...

i.e. if the Excel file has more than 1 sheet you would be asked which one you want to open...

now obviously this might be of no use if the workbook is multisheet, and they relate to one another, but, if as is common, the Excel has been created using the default of 3 sheets, but only 1 is used, it may not be a problem...

Have you actually tried opening it using the works ssheet?



  pj123 20:15 17 Jun 2004

I have both Excel and Works on my computer. If you would like to forward the attachment to me I will convert it to works for you and send it back. (unless it's personal, of course)

  michiyo 22:25 17 Jun 2004

PJ123 will try your first suggestion if all else fails. Your second suggestion is very generous offer. I will get back to you on that one.
Vog Problem earlier or later excel.
Simsy I have tried and failed, perhaps you could run through what I have to do.
Thanks to all of you for your help

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