Excel any alternatives available?

  geoff47 17:03 23 Apr 2005

I have recieved an Excel File and I have an Excel Viewer.
My question is ....is there any program available that I can edit or work with the Excel File without purchasing Excel.It is possibly only the one time I need to use it.

Silly question? Maybe but you have to ask dont you?

  VoG II 17:08 23 Apr 2005
  geoff47 17:14 23 Apr 2005

Many thanks Vog and the little TM thingy.
I knew there was someone out there who would know.

  wiz-king 17:14 23 Apr 2005

Most of the 'Office' programs such as Open Office or Ability Office have spreadsheet program that will be able to open an Excel file and work with it. The only problem will be if it contains complicated macros, these may give trouble. I cant think which of these is free at the moment but I'm sure some one else will tell you.

  geoff47 23:13 28 Apr 2005

I have another question....will my asking here "bump" this to the top?

Thats not the question.

I have used OpenOffice and returned the file to its originator,who is using Excel,but they tell me they cant open it.
It was a complcated document,is this the problems that wiz-king was talking about?
How can it be opened,if I dont have Excel and they dont have OpenOffice? Or is there a work around?

  Simsy 23:25 28 Apr 2005

you opened the Excel file OK in Open Office?

Did you then make changes to it?

If you did, when you saved the file you need to save it as an Excel file, (.xls in the drop down box). If this is what you did wrong you'll need to resave it and resend it to your pal.

I can't remember exactly how the setup goes when installing OpenOffice, but there is the option to make Excel the default.

My apologies if this wasn't what has gone wrong!



  GroupFC 23:27 28 Apr 2005

I'll offer an idea but I may not be right as I have never used OpenOffice!

I think that you may have to save the file in excel format (.xls) from within OpenOffice and then send that to the originator who should be able to open it.

Of course, I may be talking our of my b...s...!

  Belatucadrus 23:27 28 Apr 2005

When you save, use 'File /save as' and select Microsoft Excel from the dropdown list. This isn't the problem wiz-king mentioned, it's just Microsoft showing how little it cares about the opposition, Openoffice, Star, Lotus etc. need to open Excel as it's the market leader. Microsoft on the other hand can't be bothered to open anybody else's files.

  GroupFC 23:31 28 Apr 2005

Well that's three of us on the same wavelength!

  geoff47 00:04 29 Apr 2005

I posted the question and then solved it before returning here.
Sorry for asking the obvious....its obvious now of course....might help the next lazy person who cannot work it out for themselves.
That is self critisism,and not pointed at anybody.
Thanks for the answers.

  wiz-king 05:32 29 Apr 2005

as my 'one stop file converter'. I have a copy of this given away free with a magazine years ago and its great for converting files as it supports almost every file format. As Belatucadrus said Microsoft dont seem to like the idea that you could use anything but their programs, you cant even read 'Works' files into Excel.

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