Excel Animated Text??

  osben 14:03 22 Aug 2003


Does anyone know how to do the following:

In Excel XP I want to be able to animate the text in a particular cell as is possible in Word.

There does not seem to be a facility in Excel as in Word to do this.

I have gone to FORMAT>CELL>FONT> but ther is no TEXT EFFECT facility as in Word.

I have tried typing text in Word and Animating it and then Pasting into Excel but loose the animation effect when I paste it over.

Some help would be appreciated.


  [DELETED] 14:20 22 Aug 2003

There are no 'built-in' methods within Excel (as you have discovered).

If you are really keen, you achieve a 'flashing' effect - see the threads at click here

  [DELETED] 14:22 22 Aug 2003

You don't automatically achieve a flashing effect, just because you are really keen :)

I meant to say 'you can achieve a flashing effect...'

  osben 16:08 22 Aug 2003

With a pseudonym like that jazzypop your last response comes as no surprise!!!!!

What's with this "flashing effect" anyway.

However thanks for the info. Will try a few.


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