Excel always opens on same cell

  Zip_Ty 19:29 21 Aug 2008


I have an excel workbook that I share with 4 other people. The workbook has several worksheets in it that represent the different months of the year. Each worksheet is filled with items that occurred during that month. We are constantly adding entries to the bottom of the current month worksheet.

My problem is this...

When I open the workbook (using a shortcut on my desktop) it always opens to the exact same cell no matter where I saved the worksheet last.

For example, when I open the workbook it always jumps to one specific cell in our July worksheet even though I am using the August worksheet and have added new information to cells in that worksheet.

How do I get excel to always open where I last saved? Two other people in my group are having a similar problem. One of them jumps back to July like mine, the other one always goes to the first cell in august. This has happened before but has always corrected itself within a few days. This is the first time it has gone on for this long (3 weeks).

  VoG II 19:38 21 Aug 2008

Right click the Excel logo just to the left of File on the menu bar and select View Code. Is there any code in there?

  Zip_Ty 19:49 21 Aug 2008

No, there is no code there. There is a box called Project - VBAProject. That box has something in it called "VBAProject (Disbursal log.xls)" but when I click on that it gives me an error saying "Project is unviewable". (Note: Disbursal Log.xls is the name of the workbook)

I am able to push a play button, pause button, and stop button. I tried pushing each button and then saved and re-opened the worksheet but nothing changed.

  VoG II 20:06 21 Aug 2008

I would right click the sheet tab, select Move or Copy, tick Create a copy, in To Book select New Book. Then save the new book and see if the same thing happens on that copy (I suspect it will not).

  Zip_Ty 21:32 21 Aug 2008

Thanks for the suggestion. I created a new book and it seemed to work okay. I'll have to mess around with it a bit more to make sure everyone can see the new book and that it works for them.

Still not sure why I was having such a problem but thank you for your assistance!

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