Excel to Access

  AndySD 11:56 11 Apr 2003

I have been askedhow or even if it is possable to export specific cells in an excel document into an access database. The cells are in a large excel worksheet used as a form.

  Tj_El 12:31 11 Apr 2003

I'm no expert on Access but I wouldn't think it possible to import specific cells. From the 'little' I know, you can import selected columns only but not cells.

However I may be proved wrong in this.

Why not simply import the whole spreadsheet and use a query to select the particular cells required?


  Morphy 13:11 11 Apr 2003

If you want to import a range of cells, eg A1 to A6, then you could name the range, then import the range by itself.

Alternatively you could link this with Tj_El's response if the range was on a single row, so that you could have eg A1, A3, A4, A6 etc.

However, if the range is more than one row, then the second row would fall into the next record in your Access table. You could get round that but it would probably get a bit complicated...

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