Michael-240508 11:17 25 May 2003

Hi all
I have Office XP on my home PC and at work the PC I have access to has Office 97.
I have a file which I created at home in Excel which I have put onto a floppy so that I can work on it at work.
I am unable to open it at work the pc tells me the disk is not formatted when I double click the floppy drive or if I explore the disk it tells me I dont have the permission of the administrator.
Any ideas anyone.

  The PC Doctor 11:41 25 May 2003

When saving a file at home in the XP version you should find an option under save as, to save it as a previous version of excel. You will have to save as an Office 97 file in order to read it with Office 97.

The biggest drawback you will have is that some of the functionality may be lost when you save it as an Office 97 file. Make sure you save a backup copy before saving as an Office 97 file then you can always go back to it.

  VoG™ 13:50 25 May 2003

Have to disagree with The PC Doctor I'm aftaid.

At work I have Windows 98 and Excel 97. At home I have Windows XP and Excel 2002 (Office XP). I regularly transfer files backwards and forwards on floppy or by e-mail without having to "Save As".

I think that this problem is something to do with access to the floppy, not to do with Excel.

  jazzypop 14:19 25 May 2003

"...if I explore the disk it tells me I dont have the permission of the administrator."

Don't overlook the possibility that the system administrator has blocked your ability to open files from floppy disks. This may be deliberate, as a means of protecting the company from viruses, or simply an oversight.

I agree with VoG™ - it is unlikely to be a software issue (i.e. different versions of Excel files). Remember also that it has always been the case that a floppy formatted on one machine may not be able to be read on another machine, due to differences in head alignment on the two PCs.

It may be simpler to email it to yourself at work as an attachment :)

  The PC Doctor 20:39 26 May 2003

I notice you have XP at home - I'd be interested to know which operating system you have at Work.

  saichon 16:06 02 Jun 2003

I have a similar problem about access to an excel floppy from my xp.
i can read the file by downloading xlviewer from microsoft but it will not function as a spreadsheet is there another downlod available ro do i have to buy the excel programme

  pj123 17:09 02 Jun 2003

In my experience later versions are always backward compatible but earlier versions are not forwards campatible.

  Simsy 17:11 02 Jun 2003

and have been having for a little while.

Work has WIn2000 and ExcelXP

Home I have 98se and Excel 2000

I putting together a project that uses a lot,(in my terms!) of VBA. It's about 300k in size. If I copy it to a floppy at home, it opens at work OK. If however I copy it at work and bring it home on floppy it locks everything up. I thought it was a faulty floppy drive so I bought a new one... no joy. I tried the floppy in my son's PC, also Win98se with Excel2000 and had the same results.

So I assume it must be something to do with version incompatibility, even though that doesn't quite ring true.....

So I tried emailing the file from work to home... still in the "XP" format, (i.e. I did not choose to save in an earier format), guess what, it works fine!

This is repeatable... it's only large, Excel files containg VBA that I have this problem with, nd only bringing home, not taking to work.

Forgive me posting this here, but it's nice to know that you're not alone!



  VoG™ 17:51 02 Jun 2003

You might want to try cleaning up your VBA project click here

Also, Excel XP can successfully open corrupted files that will crash earlier versions of Excel. It doesn't bother to tell you that the file is corrupt, however. I've found that rebuilding the file in XP can recover from file corruption. To do this you need to move worksheets to a new file. Also export all your VBA modules, then import them into the new file.

  Michael-240508 23:56 02 Jun 2003

Did'nt expect to open a can of worms with this one.
Thanks for your help have got round the problem.
(Don't bring that particular piece of work home!!!)

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