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Please help. I am doing a course on excel. One of the tasks is to print a spreadsheet SHOWING THE FORMULA. I don't think printscreen is acceptable I have Excel 2003 and am running Windows XP. cheers herself

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Two ways:

1) Tools > Options, View tab, tick Formulas. This will show all formulas and not the results.

2) use a User Defined Function

Function fmla(rng As Range) As String
fmla = rng.Formula
End Function

To use this:

*Open your workbook
*Press ALT + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor
*Paste in the above code
*Close the VBE

Then to display the formula in, say, A1 enter the following formula in a different cell:


Example click here

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To show formula for printing press Ctrl and the start quote and lines key that is the one to the left of number 1 and below Esc.
Press again to get back to normal view after printing.
Before printing you might have to change the cell widths to see all the formula.


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That does exactly the same as Tools > Options, View tab, tick Formulas.

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You very kindly answered me this same question two years ago, but at college they told me it is a little quicker to press the two keys.


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Thankyou so much. What a relief. And so quickly too!


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Let's not have a domestic. They both work No. 1 from vog (as a beginner couldn't work out No. 2.
Starlet was quicker; but both achieved same object.
Thanks for the keyboard link. Very useful.

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