dananme 20:30 18 Apr 2006

Please help. I am doing a course on excel. One of the tasks is to print a spreadsheet SHOWING THE FORMULA. I don't think printscreen is acceptable I have Excel 2003 and am running Windows XP. cheers herself

  VoG II 20:37 18 Apr 2006

Two ways:

1) Tools > Options, View tab, tick Formulas. This will show all formulas and not the results.

2) use a User Defined Function

Function fmla(rng As Range) As String
fmla = rng.Formula
End Function

To use this:

*Open your workbook
*Press ALT + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor
*Paste in the above code
*Close the VBE

Then to display the formula in, say, A1 enter the following formula in a different cell:


Example click here

  starlet 21:34 18 Apr 2006

To show formula for printing press Ctrl and the start quote and lines key that is the one to the left of number 1 and below Esc.
Press again to get back to normal view after printing.
Before printing you might have to change the cell widths to see all the formula.


  VoG II 21:50 18 Apr 2006

That does exactly the same as Tools > Options, View tab, tick Formulas.

  starlet 22:19 18 Apr 2006

You very kindly answered me this same question two years ago, but at college they told me it is a little quicker to press the two keys.


  dananme 22:20 18 Apr 2006

Thankyou so much. What a relief. And so quickly too!


  dananme 16:30 19 Apr 2006

Let's not have a domestic. They both work No. 1 from vog (as a beginner couldn't work out No. 2.
Starlet was quicker; but both achieved same object.
Thanks for the keyboard link. Very useful.

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