Excel 2010 - Workbook Won't Open in Spite of Savng

  AroundAgain 19:52 17 Jun 2018

Hi guys

I'm hoping you can help me. I've been working on Spreadsheet, comprising of three workbooks, linked together, namely Summary, Income, Outgoings and almost finished setting it up.

However, after doing quite a lot of work in Outgoings, linked with Summary, I saved the workbook before closing. I've come back to it after a short while and it now won't open properly. Summary and Income work fine.

When I open the Outgoings Workbook, Excel opens the window but display is totally blank nd grey, like there is no document there. When I open Summary workbook too, then click on Outgoings, it just flicks back to Summary.

In File Explorer, Outgoings file shows as having 392 KB. Summary shows as having on 21 KB but has less calculations, as picks up the data from the other two sheets

Is there any way I can retrieve this file, please? I know I should have backed it up but I didn't :( I also know I should have been saving as I went along but I just got carried away :(

Many thanks for any help and advice. In the meantime, I'll start a new file :(

  wee eddie 23:22 17 Jun 2018

If you are transferring linked Workbooks between Computer's. There is no way the links are going to remain stable.

Sorry. I assumed that you had linked sheets in a single Workbook and had just got the Terms wrong. Something that happens here quite frequently

  AroundAgain 23:36 17 Jun 2018

Hi wee eddie

As long as the files are kept together in the same folder, they will still work, even if moving to another computer. In fact, this is what I've been doing to let my friend see how it's progressing so that he can then check to see it's what he is wanting.

However, if I create hyperlinks to OPEN one of the other Workbooks then, yes, the path would need to be changed in relation to the location of the transfered files. I doubt I will be setting this type of link up.

So, to clarify, I'm referring to when a cell in 'Summary' is linked to a particular cell in 'Income', so that when a value is entered in 'Income', it will show in the linked cell in 'Summary'

Does this help? ;)

  wee eddie 23:43 17 Jun 2018

Just a thought. If all the Workbooks were in a single Folder and that Folder was transferred, the links should remain stable.

I have never tried the 'Send to' Command, or Copy & Paste, on a Folder but I see no reason why they shouldn't work

  wee eddie 23:47 17 Jun 2018

Sorry, I'm on my phone. While working in my Taxi, so replies are spanning different hires!

  AroundAgain 00:00 18 Jun 2018

Oh bless you. That is 'above and beyond' ;) Please don't apologise ;)

I hope you are getting some good fares.

I was typing a reply when I realised there was your reply. I'll paste it here ...

No, I've not used the 'Send to' command either.

I've been sending them as an attachment via email and they've been working fine when at the other end.

The issue that's occured this evening is only on my computers so it would seem that it's something 'local'. I really don't understand it at all.

If the files had got corrupted, then why can't I open the files my friend has sent to me this evening. If Excel has got corrupted, then I should be able to open the files on laptop. If my files got corrupted this evening, I should be able to open the ones sent this evening.

The only common factor seems to be the links between cells/worksheets. I think I'll have to 'sleep on it' and 1) hope all is restored in the morning or 2) that I amazingly discover what's happened and can rectify it.

All those hours of work .... :(

Hope you have a good night and not too tired when you've finished. Many thanks for all your efforts. Catch up again in the morning. :) Julie

  AroundAgain 11:29 18 Jun 2018


Interestingly enough, I've discovered these files open in Excel 2007 so guess what version I'll be using for this project ...

No prizes for the correct answer!!! ;)

Just not sure what I should do about Excel 2010. I suppose just wait for an update??? This is possibly a 1-off issue so maybe I won't get any solution from the forums.

Any suggestions who/where I should post/notify please? Many thanks ;)

  wee eddie 13:27 18 Jun 2018

Best of luck

  AroundAgain 13:42 18 Jun 2018

Thanks wee eddie, and thanks for all your help last night. I hope you got some decent fares to make the night working worthwhile.

I suspect there is a 'bug' in the version of Excel I have, which is the same version as on my Laptop. I'll be able to check, this afternoon, what verdion/build etc my friend has, when he pops round. Just hope he doesn't develop the same problem.

I'll have to find out where I can report a 'bug' - I haven't a clue. In the meantime, I'll just use 2007 for this project.

Have a good week J

  AroundAgain 14:02 25 Jun 2018


It seems I've, at last, cracked the issue regarding the spreadsheets not opening properly. I had assumed it was to do with the links between workbooks but didn't understand why.

I've discovered if I open them all together, ie in File Explorer, open the folder with the files, highlight all three files, Right click and 'Open'. Bingo, they all open and they're working well

I had considered my issue could be to do with the order of opening the files. It seemed to make sense to me. However, the files contain links to AND from the different Workbooks, hence no 'one' order of opening was working.

Hopefully, another may be able to benefit from this thread as well

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