Excel 2010 text in picture

  Terry Brown 14:19 21 Nov 2012

I was 'messing about', in Excel 2010 with a picture and somehow I managed to get text directly onto the picture, in the form of text art, however I cannot remember how I done it, or find a reference to it.

I can put text in using a Text box, but this was superimposed on top of the picture without the white text box around it.

Any Suggestion what I have to do to get it back?, or how I did it?



  lotvic 14:46 21 Nov 2012

Sounds like Word Art clickhere google for more guides.

  Fermat's Theorem 15:16 22 Nov 2012

This worked for me. Insert the picture, then insert the text as Word Art anywhere on the sheet. Format the Word Art font etc. to suit yourself, then drag it onto the picture. The secret then is to highlight both the picture and the Word Art box, by using the control key when you are selecting, and then go to "Drawing Tools" and choose "group". From then on the picture and the text are together. Hope this helps.

  Terry Brown 17:42 22 Nov 2012

Thanks Fermats Therom

That appears to work OK.

I had a look and I coiuld not se that in the help files, perhaps Microsoft could offer you a job?


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