Excel 2007 - Inputting Dates

  Alan2 14:17 28 Nov 2011

I have just upgraded from WinXP to Win7 and after reinstalling Office 2007 one key [for me] facility does not now seem to be available.

I like to input dates in Excel thus 28.11.11 but want the cell to show 28 Nov 2011. The regional settings in Win7 allow any format but I haven't yet found a way to get what I want. Spaces work as do slashes but I don't consider them to be as convenient as points (periods or full stops).

WinXP did have such a facility in regional setting but it has either been deleted or is just well hidden in Win7.

  Woolwell 15:06 28 Nov 2011

I do this through Excel itself. When you type 28/11/11 in the cell then I find it automatically converts to 28/11/20111. However to get what you want then on the hone ribbon click on the small arrow bottom right of number and choose custom. In the type box put dd mmm yyyy. If you highlight a whol column by clicking n the top before setting the format all of that colum will be in that format.

  Alan2 15:55 28 Nov 2011

Hi Woolwell, I can get the cells dispayed OK it's inputting using dd.mm.yy I want to be recognised.

Excel is happy if I input with dd/mm/yy or dd mm yy the display is what I want - ie dd mmm yyyy


  TonyV 16:01 28 Nov 2011


I think what Alan2 is looking for is to insert the date as 28.11.11 and get the formatted date as 28 Nov 2011. i.e. short date format. I don't think in 2007 and Win 7 the input as 28.11.11 can be done, because it thinks it is text!

I reckon the best way is to use the 28/11/11 as the input style. Beyond that, once the cells have been formatted to 28 Nov 2011, you could use crtl and ; to get today's date entered in a cell.


  TonyV 16:02 28 Nov 2011


We crossed posts!


  Woolwell 16:07 28 Nov 2011

I suspect that you need a macro.

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