Excel 2007 Freeze Rows

  Chas49 17:04 19 Jan 2010

I have a sheet where I want the first four rows to be frozen and be able to scroll through the rest. There dowsn't appear to be a way of doing this in 2007 Excel - well, at learst I can't find it. I've tried view/freeze panes - no joy there.

Help is, as always, much appreciated.

  Chas49 17:05 19 Jan 2010

dowsn't? - must put more waterf in it! doesn't!!

  Chas49 17:06 19 Jan 2010

Darn it! water!!!

  VoG II 17:23 19 Jan 2010

Click in A5, View > Freeze Panes.

  Chas49 17:36 19 Jan 2010

Thanks VOG but that doesn't work I'm afraid. When I select view/freeze panes I get three items, "Unfreeze Panes", "Freeze To Row" and "Freeze First Column" With the cursor in A5 as I need and then select the middle item results in Row 1 being frozen only.

This used to be easy in 2003!

  VoG II 17:41 19 Jan 2010

Freeze Panes must already in effect.

When uou get that choice of 3 select Unfreeze Panes. Then click in A5, click Freeze Panes and you should get the Freeze Panes option.

  Chas49 17:54 19 Jan 2010

That's it VOG. Many thanks - I hadn't seen the Freeze Panes option. I know my sight is worsening but I didn't reaslise that it was that bad!

Your help, as always, has solved my problem.

Again, many thanks.

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