Excel 2007 - copy/pasting worksheet row heights

  blackrook 08:04 27 Jan 2008

I have installed Excel 2007 and converted the Excel 2003 files. I am finding it impossible to simply copy/paste a worksheet onto another blank one while maitaining the original row heights.

I have tried all the Paste Special options without success as well as Paste All. I notice, incidentally, that paste column widths is an option in the list, but not row heights, so there seems to be something special about heights.

Is there a way of pasting the oruginal variety of row heights onto the new sheet?

  VoG II 08:55 27 Jan 2008

I can't reproduce your problem. I've tried with a new XL2007 book, an XL2003 book converted to .xlsx format and an unconverted .xls file. In all cases the row heights are pasted from the source to the destination worksheet. I've tried changing the wrap text property of the destination sheet but that had no effect.


  blackrook 09:14 27 Jan 2008

Thanks for taking a look.

The full background is:

1. A worksheet was created as part of an XL2003 book.

2. The sheet had many changes made to individual row heights, including row deletions.

3. The book was then converted to XL2007

4. A new sheet was inserted and copy/paste attempted.

The interesting thing is that the resulting set of row heights are not those of the sheet being copied nor are they the uniform ones of the new worksheet. They seem to correspond to some earlier point in the original sheet's history, when the number and arrangement of the rows was different. It's as if there is a memory somewhere of how the row heights were, with subsequent adjustments remembered for the sheet being copied that are not transferred to the new sheet.

(I should add that this is not computer-specific - the problem is the same on two different machines, one where Excel was converted 2003/2007 and one where only Excel 2007 was ever installed.)

  Marko797 09:38 27 Jan 2008

Format/auto fit row height, or auto fit column width? Or is this too simplistic a solution?

  Marko797 09:47 27 Jan 2008

your other thread.
Seems there's some file corruption involved.

  blackrook 10:19 27 Jan 2008


I hadn't used auto fit row height and it's a good fix for me. (I will have to adjust some text that is wrapped in two lines in cells that are merged across more than one column, which auto fit does not seem to take account of, but that will be easy to do.)

Thanks for the suggestion.

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