Excel 2007 Charts Gridlines through Data points

  frager 14:24 21 Feb 2010

I have set up a spreadsheet to record my weight in kgs every week. The dates are in Column A and the weights are in column B.
I have created a line chart to show the changes.
How do I get the vertical gridlines to go through the data points?
At the moment the data points are to the right of the gridline.
I knew last year how to do this but have forgotten.
I’m using Excel 2007 and Vista Home Premium

  Woolwell 18:12 21 Feb 2010

Click on the axis and right click format axis. Then on Axis Options - Position axis on tick marks should do what you want.

  frager 19:31 21 Feb 2010

Thanks Woolwell. It was the 'Right Click' that solved my problem

  johnnyrocker 20:13 21 Feb 2010

a resolved tick would be nice


  frager 21:42 21 Feb 2010

I appreciate your comment.
I did check the Resolved box, but for some reason the check mark did not make it to the Forum

  frager 22:08 21 Feb 2010

The fault was mine.
I did check the Resolved box but then forgot to click Resolved.


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