Excel 2007 border printing

  Picklefactory 16:32 10 Jan 2008

Anyone had any issues with printing cell borders in XL07? I have some workbooks created in 97, that have always been trouble free, but when I run them in 07 the cell borders display correctly in print preview, but fail to print. I've tried removing the borders and re-instating them with 07, in case it was in a format that had not been caried over from 97 to 07, that failed. Tried enabling high quality graphic print mode in settings, that did nothing.
These are just simple basic line borders, no colours or anything out the ordinary. They are there on normal view, they are there in print preview, they aren't there on print. If I open the same workbook in 97, they print as normal.
I assume it's another little 07 glitch, any ideas or work arounds that anyone's heard of?

  johnem 16:55 10 Jan 2008

Just a random thought, check your printer settings, has the default page size changed?

  Picklefactory 17:01 10 Jan 2008

Thanks, but that's all OK. I should explain also, in hindsight, I'm not talking about a border around the periphery of the page, but individual cell borders in various ares of the page, including the centre,so it's not a size issue.

  VoG II 19:46 10 Jan 2008

I don't think that this is a general issue with XL 2007. Cell borders print fine for me (including workbooks updated from XL 2003) and I've done as search on MrExcel and can't find any similar problem.

  Picklefactory 20:40 10 Jan 2008

Strange one, then. It's actually on my work pc, so I can't do any checks till tomorrow, I'll try exactly the same task on a different pc in our office and see if it's isolated to mine. I wondered if it was a bug, but if you haven't heard of it, that's unlikely. I'll be a bit more analytical tomorrow and post back with more info when I have it.

  Picklefactory 08:48 11 Jan 2008

Hmmmmm! Annoying, I can't get it to repeat now. Opened the same workbook and it printed fine, tried all sorts of opening/closing of various files, all fine today. I've asked around, and a couple of my colleagues have also experienced the same thing. I've seen it a number of times now, but I'm stumped at the moment. I think I'll have to tick as resolved until it rears it's head again.

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