Excel 2003 - Why is Import Data not now available?

  Charlie Babbage 16:13 05 Nov 2008

I have an existing Excel spreadsheet to which I wish to import several sets of data from an external file.

First time round, it went fine by and large! I went to Data > Import External Data > Import Data and went on from there. The external data duly appeared in the spreadsheet There were a few formatting problems but that was not as bad as having to retype all the data again!

However, I've now come to import the second 'batch' of data but the 'Import Data' option is no longer available - it is greyed out. The only option available is Edit Text Import which seems to put the new data in the wrong place. The data I'm trying to import is a text file and the data is delimited by commas.

If anyone can tell from the above what I'm doing wrong, that would be much appreciated.

  Rahere 16:16 05 Nov 2008

Are you trying to import into the same worksheet?

  Charlie Babbage 22:10 05 Nov 2008

... I am trying to import into the same worksheet.

By chance, I found that I could import if I opened a new sheet. So, the original data plus first imported data is in sheet 1 and the second imported data is in sheet 2 but why can't I import it all into sheet 1??

  Rahere 13:06 06 Nov 2008

possibly becuase you would overwite the contents but that's a guess becuase you have already managed it once! - can you import into the second sheet then paste the data into the first?

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