Excel 2003: put long entry on two lines

  johnincrete 08:14 15 May 2010

I have a a spreadsheet that has two text cells that are excessively longer than the rest in the column. How do I put the entries on more than one line so I can reduce the width of the column?
For example:
aaaaa bbbbbbbb cccc ddddd eeee fffff gggg hhhh
aaaaa bbbbbbbb cccc
ddddd eeee fffff
gggg hhhh
- with all the text in one cell

I tried copy & paste into a Word 2003 table but the long column dissapears off the right hand edge of the page. I can put the text onto several lines within the cell but then I can't reduce the width of the column (shown as over 36cm) - when I try, Word just changes the width of the PREVIOUS column

  VoG II 08:29 15 May 2010

Type the first line, hold down ALT and press Enter. Then type the second line and press Enter.

  Zak 19:38 18 May 2010

Hi VoG™

I have a problem with BTs new on-line calls list. CSV file when opened with Excel now shows in an odd format. It used to be in 00:59:25 (hh:mm:ss)and appear in formula bar as 00:59:25, 00:50:22 etc.

Now there are two variations and Excel treats the minutes and seconds as hours, minutes and seconds.

Formula bar shows: 01/01/1900 11:45:00 and cell shows 11:45:00 This should be 11 minutes 45 seconds

Other instances formula bar shows: 20:03:00 (should be 20 minutes and three seconds) and cell shows same, no logic as to size of numbers.

Is there any way to automate the conversion to the normal hh:mm:ss?

Previous bills always had the leading zeros for the hour when under an hour and did not have additional zeros at he end.

I use the calls to check per minute rate for calls abroad via access numbers.

  Zak 19:40 18 May 2010

Posted here in error - I have sarted new thread.

  lotvic 22:12 18 May 2010

rightclick on cell > Format > Alignment tab, and in Text control put a tick in 'Wrap text' then click on 'OK'

*Don't forget, you will have to do the row height adjustment after you have altered the column width.

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