Excel 2002 problem with window

  The Potter 13:36 20 Nov 2003

Hi, I had a workbook open and then opened another workbook by going to a folder and clicking on the work book.

The second workbook opened in front of the original workbook, in a small window without the usual max/min/close buttons. I can't drag the window or move it in any way. I tried going to 'window' and clicking on the document there - it didn't change. I closed the original workbook and tried to maximise the second workbook by using the max button on the main excel top border; this didn't work either. I have been to the view menu and clicked on full screen, this didn't work.

I then closed out of Excel altogether and reopened the work book, but it's still small!

Please help, and if you can advise a good book on Excel/Office 2002, I'll be even more grateful!

  Cesar 10:30 22 Nov 2003

Try clicking on windows in the menu bar and then click on arrange select an option and see if that remedies the situation. or you could click on Help: Detect and Repair.

As for books one of the best I have come across is "Excel 2003 for Dummies" £20.95. as there is not all that much difference in Versions this should be suitable for Excel 2002, this is nine books in one and is very comprehensive.

  The Potter 18:40 26 Nov 2003

Thanks for that. I did try both suggestions but it didn't work. I think the problem is a 'glitch' because I've tried to replicate what caused it and I can't. Any other ideas???

  VoG II 18:45 26 Nov 2003

Is it just the one workbook that does this, or are all workbooks affected?

  The Potter 19:09 26 Nov 2003

Just one.

If the mini XL has a blue active border, and the large XL border is greyed out you could try using the <Alt+F4> to close it.


Failing that, with the Large workbook active try copying the sheets to another new workbook, obvioulsy if that works then ditch the old workbooh, hopefully with the intruder.

I am afraid that I have no clue as to why it has happened, hopefully VoG will oblige.

  VoG II 21:06 26 Nov 2003

The solution of using Edit/Move or Copy Sheet, as Whisperer suggests, often succeeds in recovering from a corrupt workbook. I would sugest that you copy them one at a time to a new workbook. After each Copy, close both files then check if the new one opens normally. If you find a problem copying the last sheet (i.e. it corrupts the new workbook), insert a new sheet in the old workbook by right clicking a sheet tab and choosing Insert from the pop-up menu.

If that doesn't work click here

  The Potter 22:23 26 Nov 2003

Thanks all! I'll be back to work tomorrow morning and will try all suggestions and report back then.

Thank you.

  The Potter 14:04 01 Dec 2003

I've managed to solve the problem by selecting the whole sheet, copy and paste into new work book. The usual option of copy/move was not available via the edit menu or by right-clicking the tab name. I'll need to reformat but that's better than starting from scratch.

Thanks to you all.

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