flobby 08:48 24 Jun 2004

Hi All,
I am doing a list in excel, which covers 3 pages and 3 columns per page. I know how to arrange in alphabetical order 1 column at a time. BUT how do I get the complete list to go alphabetically.
Thanks in advance. Cheers Flobby

  VoG II 09:00 24 Jun 2004

Select all of the data. From the Menu, Data/Sort. You can then choose to sort first by Column A, then B, then C which is what I presume you want to do.

  flobby 09:52 24 Jun 2004

Hi VoG.

I have tried what you stated but that only does the row A B or c I need to alphabetically place all the rows A B C D E F G H I J so that if an item starts with the letter A in row G or I - and a letter Z is in row A or C . then the whole list will be A-Z from page 1 to the last page.
I hope you can help.
Cheers. Flobby

  VoG II 10:32 24 Jun 2004

I'm confused now because in your first post you said that you had 3 columns. Now you seem to be saying there are 9 (A:I). A tip for sorting by more than 3 columns is given click here the example has 5 columns A:E.

1. Select all of columns A:E

2. Data/Sort sort by C then D then E

3. Click Sort

4. With columns A:E selected

5. Data/Sort sort by A then by B

6. Click Sort

  flobby 11:34 24 Jun 2004

Hi VoG,
Sorry about the confusion but I did state in my first post I had 3 pages of 3 columns. I could not find the referance on you link. i have now got up to K ( 11 rows on 4 pages.)
I have found a way to do it.
I copied and pasted onto a new sheet all 525 entries into 1 column(A) then sorted alphabetically and then copied and pasted A1-A48 into a column and then A49-97 into the next and so on.
It is a bit of a pain but it will do for now. But I hope there is a better solution for when I add and alter the list.
Thank you very much for your time and concern

  VoG II 11:40 24 Jun 2004

I thought the 3 columns were repeated down 3 pages.

It would be better if you had the 9 (or however many there are) columns side by side.

You can control how these print out (I presume that you want 3 columns per page) by using View/Page break preview.

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