Exam question,what is the best answer

  iqs 22:49 02 Dec 2008

Just sat and passed a college exam this evening.

One of the questions I remember was,what is the best way to remove a windows update from XP.

a,System Restore
b,Add Remove Progs
d,Admin tools

I'm not sure If I got this question right,I didn't check.I was just glad I passed.

Which one would you choose ?


  Technotiger 22:52 02 Dec 2008

I would go for b.

  RobCharles1981 22:57 02 Dec 2008

Ask The Audience? ;-)

  mammak 22:59 02 Dec 2008

I would go for B also.

  mammak 23:00 02 Dec 2008


  Migwell 23:11 02 Dec 2008

Phone a friend !

  Sea Urchin 23:14 02 Dec 2008

OK - I'll do the third one

50/50 - It's definitely not A or C

  MCE2K5 23:33 02 Dec 2008

e. Windows XP Update Remover click here

It's b, .. Provided 'Show Updates' is Ticked.

Had to do it on MCE2005.

  iqs 09:30 03 Dec 2008

I couldn't phone a friend or ask the audience,go 50/50 or even bribe the lecturer .

So the answer is 'b' then,I cant remember what answer I choose,but it was either a or b.

Thank you for your helping,

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