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  iqs 19:03 15 Mar 2009


I have been doing a number of mock CompTIA A+ exams,and came across a few errors...

Two questions I answered correctly I thought,were wrong?

The first,How many wires on a SATA controller cable.I said 7,but the answer was 8.

Second,how many devices can you connect to a SCSI host adapter,I said 15...14 devices and and 1 adapter card...The answer was 16?.

Your thoughts please

  dalek111 19:17 15 Mar 2009

their answers are right...

SATA offers several compelling advantages over the older parallel ATA interface: reduced cable-bulk and cost (8 pins vs 40 pins), faster and more efficient data transfer, and the ability to remove or add devices while operating (hot swapping).

SCSI is a peripheral interface: up to 8 or 16 devices can be attached to a single bus. There can be any number of hosts and peripheral devices but there should be at least one host.

  iqs 20:18 15 Mar 2009

thanks for the help.

I read something similar ,but according to this link it states 8 pins,but the image states 7 pins and a coding notch??
click here

  dalek111 20:28 15 Mar 2009

oh yeah, i didnt see the pic... dont know, tough one

  PalaeoBill 20:36 15 Mar 2009

I have a dead SATA data cable in my junk drawer (you never know when bits of it might come in handy). I can confirm that it has only seven conductors and the connectors have only seven pins.
The SATA specification also states there are only seven conductors, two Tx/Rx pairs and 3 grounds.
Any clever people out there know why the exam question says 8?

  DieSse 20:38 15 Mar 2009

SATA cabling.

click here

  DieSse 20:45 15 Mar 2009


click here#

Appears to be 16 connectors - 15 devices and the connection port.

  DieSse 20:46 15 Mar 2009

"Any clever people out there know why the exam question says 8?"

They seem to be wrong.

  interzone55 21:25 15 Mar 2009

There's 8 wires in SATA cable, the two central wires are both grounds and are soldered on to Pin 4.

I have no clue why this is done.

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  DieSse 22:47 15 Mar 2009

Since the specification only calls for 7 wires, then the correct answer must be 7.

If manufacturers choose to use an 8 wire cable and common two of them together, that's neither here nor there. They might by the same token, use a 9 wire cable and common 3 of them together. That wouldn't make it a 9 wire connection.

  Pine Man 10:17 16 Mar 2009

'How many wires on a SATA controller cable'

That is the question. No mention of connectors, pins or anything other than cable AND how many wires are in that cable - exactly 8. No matter how they are dealt with at the start or end of the cable there are 8 wires.

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