Ex Tiscali now TalkTal Email in Outlook Express

  Audio~~Chip 23:10 04 Feb 2010

Was on Tiscali BB & Email via Outlook Express which is now now TalkTalk. My Email address's I use on this XP machine has recently got a issue receiving email from Talktalk. I have 210 emails and every time I go into to emails it gets stuck on the 35th email! and just does nothing. Its says its 8.2MB in the details box. close outlook express then go back in and all the emails come back stops at he 35th again.

Have called Talktalk and they blame Outlook Express and say I should call Microsoft. The way I see it, is its a blocked port at TalkTalk mail servers which needs flushing out. I think email that is stuck is pics (not xxx material) as they are from a legit source.

Is their any soloution to solve this, is it talk talk OR the machine. I have checked the machine with superAnti Spyware to be clean.

Thanks in advance. Luckily my PCA mails come to my webbased email.

  MAJ 23:30 04 Feb 2010

Either go to TalkTalk webmail site and clear your inbox from there, or, use Mail2Web click here to log in to your inbox and clear it from there. You can of course, if you wish, clear as many or as few emails as you wish, you don't have to clear them all.

  Audio~~Chip 23:36 04 Feb 2010

I did log into TalkTalk and clear all Emails within TT Webmail which didn't work. TT told me to do this over the phone. They said they would speak with engineer and get back within 72hrs! not very good eh.

if the all emails have gone in TTalk webmail any idea why they are still comming in dublicating then sticking on one email always the same one.

  lotvic 23:39 04 Feb 2010

Using Talktalk Webmail server Do you have another - not talktalk - email address that you can forward the 35th email to? and then see if you can collect the forwarded problem email.

I think it is the email itself that is the problem and that will test it out.

If you can collect it that way then you could delete it from the server and receive the rest of the emails.

I recommend click here free email (pop3 and webmail) if you don't already have another email addy.

  Audio~~Chip 23:41 04 Feb 2010

and used Outlook express. I don't give in that easy to just change.

  MAJ 23:50 04 Feb 2010

Which pop server are you using in OE, Audio~~Chip? If you're presently using the TT pop server, try the Tiscali server, or vice versa. As TT has taken over Tiscali, things might still be a little mixed up.

  lotvic 23:56 04 Feb 2010

MAJ has got good point there.
I know on yahoo my emails are on both servers, .co.uk and .com and I can collect same (duplicate) from both. (I sometimes have to change the .co.uk to .com when one of the servers goes down and then when I change back I get duplicate emails)

  Audio~~Chip 00:54 05 Feb 2010

TalkTalk have confirm pop.tiscali.co.uk is correct & smtp.tiscali.co.uk is correct. not tried tiscali.co.uk

Er rebooted after update java and a new account has turned up called LogMeIn remote User! I removed this programme earlier in Add/remove progs. how come its still their and also turned up as a password protected account on boot into xp just out of the blue !

  lotvic 01:09 05 Feb 2010

Did you stop it running first before you used Add/remove to uninstall?

It will have left stuff behind, try the manual clean up as per click here

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