Ewido Question

  J B 16:16 09 Mar 2006

A lot of people on this forum use Ewido and from the looks of it sounds effective. I currently run NAV, Windows Defender, Adaware, Spybot S&D, and CW Shredder. My question is If I download Ewido, would it work with my defences, is it free for personal use and would it be overkill if I did download it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. J.B.

  ventanas 16:21 09 Mar 2006

There are two versions of Ewido, free and paid for. The free version can be used to scan your system for any suspects, and the paid for version will hopefully prevent anything getting on your system in the first place. Something the free version cannot do. It's not expensive, and highly rated.I currently run all those you mention (with the exception of NAV) and also have the paid for version of Ewido.

  sunny staines 16:56 09 Mar 2006

free version run ok with all your listed products

  J B 17:59 09 Mar 2006

That's what I thought. I think I will download a trial and see how it works first. Thanks for the advice. J.B.

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