sallyleslie 08:24 09 Jul 2005

Has anybody tried these folks? click here

The starter package looks good! So does the Fantastico feature.

Does anyone know if the price stays at that rate after the 1st year?



  Forum Editor 08:55 09 Jul 2005

but their website ticks all the right boxes. They say what I would want a good webhost to say, and their control panel is one of the best I've seen. Prices are about right, and all in all, they look like a good bet.

The only real way to evaluate a hosting package is to use it however, or to get some feedback from existing users. You can see the latter on their website, and it's encouraging to note that in some cases they provide links to satisfied customers.

There's a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can try the service without committing to a full year, although in practice it can be a pain having to move a domain name from one host to another, so prepare to stay for at least a year. There can be no guarantees that the cost will be held firm after a year (with any host), although the business is highly competitive, and most companies try hard to stay low on price.

That last point can actually work against you sometimes. The business is extremely competitive, and modern server/software technology means that just about anyone with £200/300 can set themselves up as a hosting reseller. Many resellers do an excellent job, and provide all the support you'll need, but lots of them are here today and gone tomorrow, so be very careful if you're shopping purely on price - all that glisters is not necessarily gold in the hosting business.

  Matt45 17:18 15 Jul 2005

Well, firstly, for a UK hosting company, why have they got their servers located in Orlando? If their primary market is the UK then it would make sense to have good access times for UK clients. For me, I got an average ping time of 122ms compared with 26ms to 1&1's uk servers.

Secondly, a package at £13.50 for a whole year should instantly sound alarm bells! Especially as they are including a free domain which will cost them £4.68 for .co.uk and £5.00 for .com at best, so they are making around £8.50 for 1 years hosting - what sort of service is that going to give you?

Finally, if they had any knowledge of web hosting, I doubt their Uber package would be on the site. 3000 sub domains - what a stupid amount to offer, no-one will ever need that many. Also, 3000 email addresses! Most would just offer unlimited.

The offer of Fantastico is nothing special, most (if not all) cPanel hosts offer it at no additional cost to the user.

So basically, I would say looking at the facts, it doesn't look like this is a hosting company with a proper business plan. I would most likely say it's run by a teenager in a backroom.

And yes, if you're wondering, I do run a web hosting company. :)

  sallyleslie 21:02 15 Jul 2005

Point taken - I was asking for a friend who helps a charity out but not into web design etc - I wanted to stop her rushing in if it was dodgy as obviously the charity shouldn't be wasting funds

  Forum Editor 01:25 16 Jul 2005

to draw the conclusion that this host is dodgy, and it's certainly not entirely fair to suggest that it's run by a teenager in a backroom - although it's perfectly possible; lots of people who purport to run webhosting companies actually run a few sites on someone else's servers, and in any case, some of the best technical people I know are teenagers in back rooms.

My ping time to the server averaged 31ms, which is perfectly OK, and of course there's no earthly reason why a good host server shouldn't be located in Orlando - I host many of my clients' sites in a Hong Kong data centre.

Having said that, there is one thing which would make me hesitate, and that's the lack of any business address or contact details other than a web form - despite their comment that you can give them a call.

As I said earlier, it's always a mistake to shop entirely on price, and you are certaionly wise to suggest that your friend shouldn't rush into anything that she might later regret.

  sallyleslie 12:38 16 Jul 2005

Many thanks - this forum is always helpful and I appreciate your responses

  spuds 17:53 16 Jul 2005

A couple of Evohosting reviews click here click here

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