EVGA 8800GTS 640MB and E6750, Terrible!! Help!

  Jpeg6785 16:29 15 Oct 2007

I am currently running an EVGA 8800GTS 640mb graphics card and have a E6750 processor on a gigabyte S series mATX motherboard..

I am trying to play Medal of Hounour, Airbourne on a basic setting of 1280 x 720 resolution, all game setting are on low ie detail etc, post processing effects turned off, and Nvidia setting has been placed on setting for performance in the control panel.

Ive heard that this is a difficult game to run but surly it shouldnt run this bad on these settings with my setup should it? it stutters all over the place on some areas of the game with minimum details its unplayable..

The system is only a couple of months old...

Any ideas, does it sound normal? I have installed the latest drivers from the Nvidia site and all of the latest windows updates are installed..



  brundle 16:33 15 Oct 2007

The demo ran seamlessly on my 6750/7900GS. Is it any different if you set the resolution lower? For test purposes, not because your system can't cope with 1024x768. Run Fraps and check the frame rates in both resolutions. Do you have the same problem with any other games? click here

  donki 18:05 15 Oct 2007

U have a problem, dunno what, take it back to the supplier. I have a Dual Core 4200 with a 8800GTS 640mb and Im running it at a higher res everything on ful with no slowdown at all.

  Why wont it work 18:20 15 Oct 2007

Maybe the graphics card or CPU is overheating so it is decreasing its speed to cope? I'm sure someone could point you to an application that could monitor your graphics cards temp.

My E6850 and Radeon HD 2900PRO run it flawlessly.

  Totally-braindead 19:38 15 Oct 2007

I played the demo at 1024x768 on a lowely Athlon 3500 and a poor 7600GS and it runs perfectly with the settings on a mix of medium and high (I think its been a while since I played it but they definately aren't on low).
You have a problem. I think it has to be the PC.

Do you have another fairly recent game that runs ok?

  [email protected] 21:09 15 Oct 2007

there are many ideas as to why it does this, 1 example of many click here
i had 2 similar setups, and on vista with aero on it was playable but used 90/ 100% cpu and 80% of 4 gb of ram! the xp pc runs it the same as my other games. are by any chance using vista?

  Totally-braindead 22:22 15 Oct 2007

Missed the couple of months old bit adman 2 you may well be right it might be Vista causing the problem. If it is Vista I wonder if theres a solution - away to see if I can find something in case.

  [email protected] 06:38 16 Oct 2007

ea games wont admit it's a problem but on my vista pc, it used about 3 times more resources than any other game, tbh i only tried it once on vista and think i had aero on 'another graphical application' so try to disable this. there is now a patch 1.1 you can d/load it from the splash screen, it deals with known bugs but i dont think it addresses this problem. maybe my age but i prefered moh1 and moh underground anyway!
good luck.

  Jpeg6785 08:09 16 Oct 2007

Yes the system is running windows 32bit vista, with 2gb ram, the system is only 2mths old but I will hold my hands up "I built it...." with very limited experience.

I am assured though that all hardware components are 100% compatable and correct, ram matched with processor etc....

Everything else though seems fine though on the system and windows benchmarking gives the processor 5.6 and the GPU 5.9. I dont have many games but the one I do have to try "Transformers" works perfect on maximum settings no problems.

I would like to satisfy my own mind though its not an hardware issue as such, are there any good benchmarking/harware diagnostic programmes I could run to check? In the interim I'll try to disable the aero though and load FRAPS although I know at certain stages of the games not all the time Im probably down to 1FPS !!!it really is that bad, strange really becasue then it picks up again and works decently.

Thanks Guys for all your help, Ill leave thread as unresolved for the moment.


  [email protected] 08:18 16 Oct 2007

i would doubt it is hardware, i know too many people with this problem and only on this game. give click here a shot i would guess at 8800/ 9800 score for that set up. you can compare your build to other similar set ups.
and this click here select full tests will show any conflicts or short comings on you system. both free and no nasties!

  [email protected] 08:23 16 Oct 2007

i found these click here worked the best results for me, 32 bit ultimate.

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