Evesham XP restore CD

  *hondo* 23:09 11 Feb 2008

Hello Guys I've recently ordered a new PC with no OS with the intention of using my prior Evesham XP restore CD,the old PC will be scap when the new one arrives the new PC hasn't arrived yet but a worrying thought just crossed my mind My last PC was also from Evesham running ME after doing some major hardware changes and trying to install ME the ME OS told me this CD wasn't intended for this PC.

I overcame this by emailing Evesham and explained the problem, via email they supplied me with info relating to hitting AltF4 during post and inputting an unknown to me password. Just dawned on me that their XP restore disk may also be the same, so I've emailed Evesham again requesting this information and got a kind of snotty email back saying well No sori cannot or will not help, has anyone else come across this problem with a solution or is my Evesham XP restore disk now defunct?

Thanx for any information cheers.

  Totally-braindead 23:30 11 Feb 2008

Two things to mention.

One technically you are not allowed to use the restore disk on another PC it is meant to die with the machine. You are in breach of the licencing agreement with Microsoft if you do use it and it might fail validation.

Two even if it does work and even if Microsoft do revalidate it, which to be honest I don't think they will do, you might find that the restore disk only contains certain drivers etc and might not install properly on the new PC. It might be ok I don't know as I've never tried it. If you did get it up and running then you could download the drivers needed from the website - hopefully.

  Totally-braindead 23:32 11 Feb 2008

PS. The above is probably why they will not help. What you are proposing to do is in breach of Microsoft licensing and they probably cannot have anything to do with it.

  ventanas 08:38 12 Feb 2008

As stated, you cannot do this. Your XP cd is for the machine it was supplied with ONLY. Hence the response from Evesham.

You must now purchase a full version (NOT OEM) of the OS that you require. It would have been far cheaper if you had not tried to do things the way you have, and had an OS supplied with the new PC.

The forum rules forbid any help with anything unlawful, so I think you've had it here.

  citadel 17:23 12 Feb 2008

you are better off with a oem windows disc. you can use it for repair etc.

  deathtap 13:49 19 May 2008

First off, just as Windows cannot validate post installation, they cannot validate prior. I am not promoting piracy or anything, but the fact is that you CAN install the Windows OS on this machine with any recovery CD as long as you wipe the partitions.

Secondly, after installation, delete the OEM you used and enter the one that is stuck on your machine. This will either validate the install on the spot, or you'll have to call and validate it over the phone.

Thirdly, if you wish to validate over the web, download the drivers for your ethernet card and remove/reinstall the drivers for it manually.

Have problems with drivers? Then use Drive Doctor or a similar program to get the drivers for you.

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