Evesham Win ME Recovery CD - Problems

  FCD 14:18 23 Dec 2003

I have run ME for more than 2 years and once or twice used the Rec CD to solve minor problems. Yesterday, I had to manually re-format the OS partition on my hard drive [all data was backed up ok] and re-install ME from scratch. Thsi time the recovery CD installed an OS ok but what I got was a very "lite" US version of ME [keyboard, date language etc all US; several standard accessories missing [system restore, system information, wordpad, paint eyc etc] amd I had to manually install all drivers etc. I have sorted out most problems [ie I imported System Information files from another computer runninh Win 98] but I cannot resolve one issue - when I select Windows Help I receive an error message that "Initialization failed" and I should report error 214714379 to MS Support. I have checked and all the relevant files seem to appear in the Winows HELP directory

I can find nothing on the MS KB and I doubt that Evesham would be interested so very grateful for any ideas from the forum experts on how to recover this facility

  Big Elf 14:57 23 Dec 2003

The only thing I can think of is to borrow a full ME install CD. You have a legitimate licence so I don't see a problem with that.

It is probable that you have wiped information that is required by the recovery CD. I hate recovery CD!

I agree with Big Elf that you try and use a full copy of ME BUT do retain your current licence key as that may well be required even when installing a full version.

Burn a copy of that installation disc for any future problems, in this case you have that right.

The other option is to install Win98SE, you also have that right.

Best wishes

  Jester2K 17:35 23 Dec 2003

"The other option is to install Win98SE, you also have that right"

How did you come to that conclusion??

  Big Elf 17:43 23 Dec 2003

Beat me to it. I was puzzling that one over.

  britto 18:03 23 Dec 2003

click here for error.did your harddrive come partitioned from evesham?

  Big Elf 19:46 23 Dec 2003

I am happy to discuss this in the forum rather than by email. I was suggesting that I find it difficut to believe that a licence for ME would cover instead an alternative installation of 98. I wasn't crticising or making judgement, it was an observation.

  anchor 19:46 23 Dec 2003

I doubt that Evesham would NOT be interested in helping you.

This forum has a special e-mail contact address for Evesham. I confess that I have forgotten it, but I am sure others will know it.

  Jester2K 20:23 23 Dec 2003

The "Downgrade option" only cover Volume Licnses and NOT OEM installations.

Quote from click here (Microsoft Downgrade Rights)

"QUESTION: Can I downgrade my OEM copy of Microsoft Windows® 98 to Windows 95?
ANSWER: The OEM End User License Agreements do not include downgrade rights at all; in fact they are specifically prohibited. The ability to downgrade any and all products is an added benefit that is provided as part of all licenses purchased through a Microsoft volume license program."

It would appear that I made an error in my reference to the individuals right to downgrade to an earlier OS for which I apologise.

This right for a downgrade is restricted to the Volume licence agreement as pointed out in Jester2K's link above.

So please ignore the line

"The other option is to install Win98SE, you also have that right."

in its entirety because as your machine was provided by Evesham they are an OEM supplier.

  Big Elf 20:51 23 Dec 2003

An apology is not necessary. You made your comment in good faith and based on what MS had advised you albeit in different circumstances. With the EULAs being a notoriously difficult area to comprehend this particular example has been resolved.

FCD - It may be worth getting in touch with Evesham as recommended by others.

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