Evesham + SP2

  Andsome 16:14 08 May 2005

When my son bought a new computer about a year ago, instead of doing as I suggested and going to a local supplier, he bought an Evesham. Before going on his Asian tour last November he installed SP2. He could no longer access the Internet, and had to uninstall the update. I have since heard that SOME Evesham computers are not compatible with SP2, although I have no way of knowing if this is true. We have both scoured Eveshams website for advice and cannot find any. They have not answered his e-mails on this subject. Any advice would be appreciated please.

  pk470 16:46 08 May 2005

I've got two Evesham computers one three years old and the other two years old had no problem with SP2 infact my oldest computer is six years old it's an HP Brio that to was ok with SP2.
SP2 is'nt just a update as such it's a complete update of WXP your problem sounds like a driver is not installed,have you checked IE connection settings? it could be set to never dial a connection.

  Andsome 18:38 08 May 2005

He has no bother at all with SP1 installed, the computer runs perfectly. It is only when he installs SP2 that he cannot access the INTERNET. His computer is set to 'never dial a connection', the same as mine is, as we both use NTL cable broadband, and do not dial up as such. Mine works perfectly with SP2.

  pk470 01:41 09 May 2005

As i said it could be a driver problem not unknown
with NTL broadband modems although i am not with NTL,have you looked in device manager to see the driver is loaded??

  Andsome 07:40 09 May 2005

I will suggest that he looks, when he goes home.

  john-232317 08:16 09 May 2005

Just put ( ntl modems ) into google and came up with this. Maybe sp2 has altered the IP address ?

" If you are an NTL stand-alone cable modem user with an IP address in the range xxx.xxx.xxx.248 to xxx.xxx.xxx.253 then you are on the temporary limited-access pre-registration service. You must complete your registration online: see Post-installation registration. Normally this is done as part of the broadband installation from the CD-ROM, but some incomplete installations can leave you in this state. "

click here

  Andsome 08:47 09 May 2005

He assures me that he did a complete install and registration, and has since upgraded to the faster service. Everything is completely normal when using SP1 but not when using SP2. I had misunderstood him slightly, in that he CAN actually access windows update, and AV updates etc. It is normal web pages that do not access with SP2.

  john-232317 08:56 09 May 2005

That sounds like temp access ? perhaps he could try a re-register on that link while in sp2. Although it says " You must complete your registration online: see Post-installation registration. " and he might not be able to get on the page. Has he contacted NTL.

  john-232317 09:01 09 May 2005

Try here click here and read the mikemyres post ;-)

  Andsome 09:14 09 May 2005

I have had another word with him as he is with us at the moment. Here is a complete update of the problem.

Windows Update is set to auto, Av update is set to auto. Adaware and Spybot update from the program. When he clicks onto Internet Explorer, he just gets a blank page, and cannot proceed further. If he reverts back to SP1 then everything is completetely normal again. He used a CD that I created from an SP2 link provided by Craig on this forum. I used the same CD myself, and on my daughters laptop, and two friends computers. This was as I understand it a FULL version of SP2 including all the previous SP1 updates. I wonder if he would get the right result if he just downloaded SP2 from Windows Update, this way the download would probably only contain exactly what the update site considered that he needed.. Is it possible that using the full version is causing the problem on his computer?

  Andsome 09:16 09 May 2005

The above is a pasted version from what I posted on another forum. The link from Craig was NOT of course provided on this forum. How I wish we could edit our posts on this forum.

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