Evesham PCs and recovery discs?

  expertec 11:18 19 Feb 2004

Do Evesham PCs have any hidden files or partition that needs to be there to use the recovery CD? I want to partition the hard drive, and I would be deleting the partition that is there to divide it up.

  xania 11:35 19 Feb 2004

Don't know the answer to your specific question - you might like to speak to Evesham about this, but if you partition your drive using a tool (and not FDISK) you will find that this will only work on the part of the disk you specify and will also show you any hidden partitions. The best, to my mind, is still click here,
but there are plenty of free offerings available - there's frequently one on the PC Advisor CD.

  ventanas 12:45 19 Feb 2004

I have 29 Evesham PC's at work. None of them have any hidden partitons etc. Recently changed the hdd in one of them. Recovery Disc (Full XP Pro CD) worked as normal.

  christmascracker 12:46 19 Feb 2004

I've got an Advent pc that came with a recovery disc.

On their website it says "Due to the nature of the recovery process you should not use FDISK or any other partition management software to delete the partition on your Advent computer. Doing so will prevent the recovery from functioning correctly."

So I would check with Evesham first

  ventanas 12:47 19 Feb 2004

Sorry to clarify. The CD says it is an Evesham Recovery CD. But is actually a full XP disc. Probably tied to the bios to prevent misuse.

  expertec 14:44 19 Feb 2004

That's what I've got as well so everything should be OK, thanks for your help. I'll post later when I've done it

  expertec 20:18 19 Feb 2004

OK, it's partitioned and formatting now :-)

  gardener 21:06 19 Feb 2004

I think you should be OK so long as you have the Evesham XP OS on the first bootable partition.I could not use the recovery disk to sort out some problems with my Evesham ME installation when it was installed on the second bootable partition.But that could just be ME.

  ventanas 21:40 19 Feb 2004

Phew!! I can relax now :-))

  expertec 22:41 19 Feb 2004

Well, somehow it installed one copy of windows on each partition but I'm doing setup again deleted the partitions, it's formatting C right now, so things should be OK soon ;-)

  expertec 08:51 20 Feb 2004

I got it all set up OK last night, but it was late.

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